Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Washing-ton(s) O' Fun

I'm back! My old camera broke, and then I lost the loaner camera I had ( probably not a good idea to loan me stuff)...yet despite these great obstacles I have managed to return to blogging because people need to read about the time I ate a delicious sandwich or see photos of the various cats in my life. So here is the debut of the new digital camera I purchased on the Overstock.comzz. Let's see how long this one lasts. At least it was bought on the cheap. -$

Flew up Washington to visit my BFF Christy (aka, Crystal Crotch) and her new baby. We met in 7th grade. She walked up to me in art class and told me we were going to be friends. I didn't argue with her, she was cool and obnoxious. I was shy and loved to hide behind people with large personalities. Perfect union.

Here she is. Still one of the funniest people I know.

Mt. Rainier. I used to stare at this mountain everyday! Wow. I grew up with this majestic beauty on the regular, and it didn't even phase me. Now when I see it, it rightfully blows my mind.

Much like the feeling I get when I look at Chucky the white cat / bear / person.

BLAM! It's Everly, the spawn of my most amazing and hilarious friend. I am once again Aunt Kelley. This baby will without a doubt grow up to be wickedly funny, strong, and most definitely, loud!

Brought Everly her very own Sloth, so she can look at it and be reminded her Auntie's spirit animal.

Chucky. Staring Halloween in the face.

The face of a handsome angel...

The face of a killer.

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