Wednesday, March 30, 2011

..."But If They Don't Stop It's Gonna Get Scandalous"

Eva was looking out for me the other day.  Scooped up these tapes at a garage sale, knowing I would love them. L to R: The Cramps, Klymaxx, Grace Jones.

 Inspired me to draw this artists rendition of the Klymaxx cover.

Went a step further and did a drawing of the SWV Weak single tape cover. I may do a series.  Happy Birthday Krissie.

"I had to leave my condo to come to this"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Elvis' Greatest Hits

 I now live with a gigantic grey cat named  Elvis.  He is desperate for love, and desperate to get into my room.


 But I shut him out cause all he wants to do is eat my plants, sit in my drawers,  and knock over everything with his girth.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Majestic Beauty Is Mine!

 Nature has been my homeboy lately (Eva Posey totally coined that phrase) so I took a trip to the GRAND CANYON!

Stayed at the Bright Angel Lodge, mere steps away from the south rim (I'm too immature to not think of something inappropriate right now)
 Ohhhh, a rim lookout!

 Showcasing native decor.

 See how high up?

 This was next to that hand!  Remnants, artifacts and fossils from a time when water was that high up!! Mind warping!!

 Looks like I'm standing in front of a back drop, or green screen.  Nope, real beauty.

 almost falling off a cliff.

 Semi-truck mud flap pose.

 Oh just gazin' at a Wonder of the World.

 Canyon boots

 There was snow!


Stopped at this JAAAANNNNNNNKKKKKKY replica of Bedrock in Arizona, you know the Flintstones Bedrock?  This place was all kinds of broke-down!  I'll quote a very eloquent yelp reviewer by saying "It's the stuff of dreams and nightmares".

Rounded out the majestic beauty voyage with a stay in a suite at the Palms Place in Las Vegas.  Ate steak and drank $30 a class scotch.  I aight' braggin though.  Happy Valentines Day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Palm Springs / Pioneertown

Abandoned Mac Magruder.  Spontaneous skate park.

 His and hers.

 Pioneertown , a town that was built for old western movie sets.  CUTE!

 Stayed at the Pioneertown motel, right behind Pappy & Harriets.

 Hearing Aids, Pregnancy Center, and Dental Implants = AN IDEAL MALL!

 Went to the desert to find mysef,  FOUND IT!

 Also found the Moorten Botanical Gardens in Palm Springs.

 Here are my nerdy spazzy cactus lady freak out photos.

 So Beautiful!


 In my element.

LA Arboretum

Went to the L.A. Arboretum with my good pal Eva.  Took these photos with a disposable camera, and I'm totally into them right now.

I'm also totally into cactus and succulents like the old crystal loving desert woman I'm destined to become.

Eva, enjoying majestic cactus scenery.

A Night Heron, before our eyes!!!!

Me, in my fave Janet Jackson T-shirt, presenting cacti!

Beauty Geese.

Fantasy Island house.  The exterior was actually filmed here.  WILD