Sunday, June 28, 2009

Palmdale adventure getaway

Day trip to Palmdale!!! Try not to be so jealous of my lifestyle! I'm being sarcastic. I guess Palmdale has some nice areas, but we didn't find them. I saw a billboard the other day that said "Daycation" I guess that's what we were on.

We were looking for adventure and some thrift store junk! It was hot as BallZZZ in the desert.

We met up with our road dogs Arlie and the lovely Tammy.

It was kinda weird, Nandi and I were wearing the same shoes....

and so were Arls and Tammy!

So the side of Palmdale we were on HAD NO RESTAURANTS!!! All we wanted was a simple Chili's or perhaps an Outback Steak House maybe... heck we'd even eat at Applebees!

Had to eat at Burger King. So nasty, yet kinda good. I got the grossest thing, a big fish sandwich and loved it.

Scene of the crime.

Scoped out the tapes at the thrift store.

Only good tape was P.M. Dawn. Used to love "Set Adrift Of Memory Bliss". Ended up passing on it though.

Also passed up the Amy Grant T-shirt. All you Christian music lovers, Palmdale Goodwill is where it's at.

This is what I ended up with. A 90's era floral dress, chucks and some beautiful suede 1940's heels.

Not pictured: A pair of little house on the prairie lace up boots and a Dr Quinn Medicine woman-esqu dress. MY SUMMER TIME LOOK!!!

Good Times and Great Oldies.

Birthday manicure and coffee.

Nandi's 27th birthday y'all! I met Nandi when she was 22. We were neighbors by chance. When we first met I said "we are going to have good times" and she said "and great oldies" I said "wow, I always say that". I knew we were going to be best friends.

We ate lunch at Trails in Griffith Park. The avocado sandwich is all kinds of messed up delicious.

So a couple of posts ago I mentioned how I wanted huge pieces of Indian Jewelry... well sometimes you ask for stuff and that shit is given!!!! Check out my wrist! I am one more step closer to being that old southwestern spiritual mystic lady that I dream of being. Thanks Nandi.

Then we went to Electric Tattoo to get SWEET BIRTHDAY TATS!!! On my last birthday, Nandi and I started a new tradition of getting b-day tats. I got a microscopic sailboat and she got an anchor.

This time Nandi was getting a deck of cards and I was going to get a miniature totem pole. Above is my Totem inspiration book

Craig at Electric Tattoo. Hilarious guy. If you go there, tell him you want a "sweet tat", he likes that.

Ice cream at scoops.

Craig ran out of time, so I couldn't get my tattoo. That's ok, I wanted it so small that he said it would look like a blob in 20 years. I kinda chickened out anyway.

She's always got an ace up her sleeve.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is a love letter to my tape player.

I love tapes. I'm on my second ipod, and now I need a third because that ish is BROKE AGAIN!! My tape player is constant, I can rely on it to deliver the jams I must hear. You can pick them up hella cheap at thrift stores, garage sales and even Amoeba, YEEESS. So here is a photo collage of all the tapes that are currently in my car and on heavy rotation.

The Smiths are my #1 fave band of all time. Actually this tape might be busted... the drawback of having a mess of tapes in your car, is when you go to vacuum it out the vacuum likes to eat the tape's insides.

Favorite JJ album, probably the tape I listen to the most actually. Pleasure Principal is one of the best music videos ever with the best dance moves.

Oh wait, this is the tape that got eaten by the vacuum. CRAP gooooood tape.

One of the first concerts I've ever been too. Dope is such a good song "word is bond, bag it up and I'm gone"!!!!

I listened to this tape alot in Jr. High, "Grab it Like you want it" was one of my favorite songs... which is kinda weird since I was kinda a prude. But I'm kinda a fake prude.

Ohhh, I know all the words to this one.

This was an 11th grade staple.


The Back side of Kill Uncle.

Oh, look who got her first passport... ME!! Sorta embarrassing, I feel like a hillbilly who's never been no where, but it's true. Not anymore though, I'm outta here. Gotta bounce, next post is gonna be from Port Au Prince!!!!!!

Lame, this tape got melted by the sun.

Ah, this single is a particularly good one. My best friend Christy, that I've had since 7th grade, used to prank call boys and just play this song. Also a few months back I Karaoked this song before realizing it was out of my vocal range, so the Karaoke host person felt the need to join in the song with me. What is up with that anyway?

"I'm Shock G, the one who put the satin on your panties"

Been feelin' this single alot lately. When I was home in WA my bff Christy gave me this tape, this was a #1 Jr. High jam.

My friend Ayana.
Hey cool thing.

If you see me around beepin' in my car, know that this is what's blasting on the tape player.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Later Dayzzzzz

Later on Mt. Rainier.

Hello beautiful California coastline!

Hi wacky upholstery print on the back of the flyaway bus seat.

Ahhh, my manicure... in its last days.  Last death throws.

I was eyeballing this necklace while I was home.  It's my mom's, she let me have it.  She has the best jewelry.  I'm a lucky girl.  While I was home I was hunting around for some huge Indian Jewelry.  Thinking about taking a driving adventure trip to New Mexico to get all mystical and magical and get some of these...

Downtown.  Holler if you hear me.

Look who came to pick me up, Arlie with this stylish new look.

Dog Show.

My hair is long enough for a braid almost. Summertime look.

Sun!!  Good to be back.  I mean Washington is beautiful and all, but who can argue with this! 

Me trying to do my best California / swedish girl/ sun goddess impersonation.  Why did I ever deal with rain and gloom. This summer I'm going to the beach SO much, MARK MY WORDS!

Driving to Montrose, for dinner.... because we like it.

Arls looks like an angel.  Too bad it's only a photo cause he's not.

Boy do I love Montrose, anyone hear me on that one?  I think I want to move there.

Best chips around.

My last meal in the NW, clam chowder and Starbucks.
Next meal in L.A., gobs and gobs of mexican food.  It looks like and ocean of beans! perfect.