Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Tribute to Mike P. Brooks

It's Fathers Day, so why not dedicate some blog space to the man who gave me life.  Above is little Dad with his Dad, Pierce Brooks.  Grandpa used to be a top detective for the LAPD and wrote books about keeping cops safe.  I think if I end up having a son, I would like to name him Pierce.  Handsome name.

Dad's West Covina High school picture.  This was taken just before he was drafted to the Minnesota Twins minor league team up in Tacoma WA.

Tacoma Twins.
Then he met this little blondie, who was a baseball fan.  This photo of my moms kills me.  Her smile and her plaid shirt and her straw palm tree purse!

Wow, I think my dad is wearing blue velvet pants.  You can't see, but my mom's dress is a mini.  She still has it, and if I marry I might just wear it.

Beause of you Mike Brooks, the lil' creature above is walking this earth.  Thank you!!!!!!

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