Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Times and Great Oldies.

Birthday manicure and coffee.

Nandi's 27th birthday y'all! I met Nandi when she was 22. We were neighbors by chance. When we first met I said "we are going to have good times" and she said "and great oldies" I said "wow, I always say that". I knew we were going to be best friends.

We ate lunch at Trails in Griffith Park. The avocado sandwich is all kinds of messed up delicious.

So a couple of posts ago I mentioned how I wanted huge pieces of Indian Jewelry... well sometimes you ask for stuff and that shit is given!!!! Check out my wrist! I am one more step closer to being that old southwestern spiritual mystic lady that I dream of being. Thanks Nandi.

Then we went to Electric Tattoo to get SWEET BIRTHDAY TATS!!! On my last birthday, Nandi and I started a new tradition of getting b-day tats. I got a microscopic sailboat and she got an anchor.

This time Nandi was getting a deck of cards and I was going to get a miniature totem pole. Above is my Totem inspiration book

Craig at Electric Tattoo. Hilarious guy. If you go there, tell him you want a "sweet tat", he likes that.

Ice cream at scoops.

Craig ran out of time, so I couldn't get my tattoo. That's ok, I wanted it so small that he said it would look like a blob in 20 years. I kinda chickened out anyway.

She's always got an ace up her sleeve.

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