Monday, June 22, 2009

Will you be my wifey?

Self portrait. My uncle George's wedding, the reason I'm in WA. My wedding day look had a kinda trashy politician's wife vibe. Pearl earrings and a leather jacket.

Classic Washington: Big, ploppy raindrops on the windshield.

Laura and George, best couple. George had his heart broken pretty bad and most likely found it hard to trust and have faith in the opposite sex. But then he found Laura and she is RAD. They are like two peas, both fun and hilarious. I'm so happy to call Laura family.

The wedding was at the Tacoma Country Club. Before it started I found myself hypnotized by the golf carts and people practicing their putting. I wanted to be over there!!! GOLF IS ON MY MIND!!!

But then I ran into this face. This is Ivy, my niece. She is really funny. All my photos are all up close and personal since my camera is perminently stuck on zoom. What I would do for a bomb new camera.

This is my other niece Mila. She has the best smile right now! I love a missing front tooth. Good look Mila.

Ivy is one hunk of baby.

That's my sister- in-law Tiffany with Ivy and Mila. This was just before Tiffany had to take Ivy out of the room. That baby has some lungs, and a growl that most black metal dudes would envy.

"I do" time...bad photo. Got a good shot of the back of my cousin Brian's head. Nice scar.

Moments before this picture happened I ran into my old neighbors who I used to babysit for when I was in Jr. High. They thought my brother's kids were mine, and when I explained that they weren't... they look really confused. Then they asked if I was married and when I said no, they looked at me with what seemed to be disgust. Then they asked my mom why this was, like I wasn't there! To them, choosing to remain single isn't fathomable. They assume every woman dreams of getting married and if she doesn't then something must be wrong. In L.A. I never think about my marital status, I have friends who are 37 and not married and have never been. It isn't until I come home for a visit that I fell like a total freak!!!!!!

Delicious cake. I wanted to take a photo of the pile of food I had on my plate, but I'm still in denial of how much of a porker I chose to be.

Ahhhh, my beer. This was some kind of delicious NW micro-brew. I was being really shy about getting up and refilling my glass. I thought everyone was going to judge me and assume that that must be the reason I'm not married... cause I'm a beer hound.

My cousin Brian and I had fun trying to predict the next song the dj was going to play. He played all the classic wedding reception jams. The Electric Slide, Love Shack, Shout, AC/DC-You shook me all night long ( which kinda boggles my mind, but people love them that song). We kinda wished we were betting money cause we were that good. The dj tried to throw out some curve balls and deviate from standard reception playlist. He played Lady Gaga and it was a huge flop. Incase you're interested, cause I sure am, here is a list of most requested wedding reception songs, so bad!! Click here.

Sunset on American Lake. I have one grainy camera.

But this grainy pic of Ivy's face close up looks sick!! Kinda looks like an ultrasound photo... or like she's a creepy alien baby doll.

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