Friday, February 25, 2011

Babes Through The Ages

So... this my version of Tiger Beat ultimate crush magazine, but instead of Ricky Schroder and NKOTD, it's the vintage babes I'm really feeling right now.

James Taylor

King Tubby

Jeff B.
 Young Ernest Hemingway

Having an intense Paul Newman moment.

Yikes. Whoa. Damn.

Alright, enough of this!  I finally have access to a real camera so I'm gonna go back to posting janky photos that I actually took!!  Coming soon... MY GRAND CANYON VACATION PHOTOS ( bet you are gripped with anticipation)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mystic Eyes

Over the Christmas holiday I painted this portrait of Carol Lombard dressed like gypsy... it kinda comes off a little Virgin Mary, but whatevs.  Shout-out to Dan & Tiffany Brooks for the new art supplies.

ps... she now lives with Eva, as a thank you for easing my homeless lady stroll.  I now have a really cute new home in Atwater Village AND it comes built in with 2 cats,  DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!