Friday, March 29, 2013

If A Video Could Be My Life

Duran Duran - The Chauffeur [uncensored] from mm1 on Vimeo.

Been really feeling that whole Patrick Nagel painting look of being topless while wearing gloves (photo featured a few posts ago), and this video has a topless + gloves interpretive dance scene at the end! Answered prayers!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Black & White Thursday Love

 Catherine Deneuve, my Thursday spirit animal.

Not sure what this look is all about, but I think it's supposed to be sexy... AND IT IS (and a little confusing).  Sexy + Confusing = Mysterious!!

Happy Thursday!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Sweater, Big Hair, No Pants, No Problem!

 Oh Nancy Sinatra. Somewhere this morning as I was perusing the many social media sites, I think it was Instagram... but anyhow, my eyes managed to land on the above photo and it struck me.... maybe the "no pants, tall boots" look needs a comeback!!  I mean, I'm not the one to start it or anything, but maybe YOU??? It's newly spring, so a big cozy sweater is till appropriate and gives you the needed warmth since so much leg is exposed... but actually not really since it's paired with a tall boot.  Makes total sense!  It's the ultimate end of winter, spring transition look!!  What do I know, I am actually just spending my Monday afternoon appreciating this for what it is, a big sweater and no pants!
 Oh and big hair too.

 The look in action!

 Oh Yeah!! This video is chalk full of examples of why this look kills it.  Makes it seems like ya got legs for days.  I mean, this featured look makes sense since the boots are the main focus, but its genius!

 "Are ya ready boots.... START WALKIN'"

 60's femme fatale

My actual favorite Nancy Sinatra moment was when she teamed up with Lee Hazlewood. What a duo, and this song is up there on the list of KB's (that's me) fave songs of all time.  The video is pretty psychedelic too... but youtube would not let me embed it, so seek it out for yourself!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Roller Skating Birthday Dreams

 I had a birthday!!  I'm at the point where I would like them to stop coming, but hey... what can ya do?  So I say celebrate like you would when you were in elementary school and go roller skating!! This ensures that even though the years keep on comin', your attitude (meaning mine) stays as immature as ever.

 The women of "Skate Club".  Moonlight Rollerway has the best carpet and best Sunday 25 and over, grown and sexy night.  It's all soul and R&B, and you can almost guarantee a group "Cupid Shuffle" at some point in the night.

Me, seen here showin' off some leg and my special vintage birthday dress that I got at Shareen Vintage.  it's a light lime green, with a slight iceskater-y vibe and I love it!  I felt like Tinkerbell at the ice capades.  Unfortunately due to too much birthday shenanigans, I fell asleep in my dress and when I woke up it had ripped.  Oh well, I have a good tailor and it was all in the name of one more year on earth! CHEERS!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Watts, CA 1966

In 1966 LIFE magazine did a feature on life in Watts, CA after the riots.  These photos are supposed to depict South Central Los Angeles' "fearsome street gangs"... but all I'm seeing is incredible style! WOW.  This, in my opinion, is how a man should dress.  Gentleman please take note.

More photos and info found here

Friday, March 22, 2013


 Patrick Nagel's iconic minimal images of sexy ladies is what's on my mind these days.  This is especially inspiring my new springtime attitude!!

Had myself a James Dean moment now that my hair is growing out some.  I title this " Selfie Without A Cause"