Sunday, March 24, 2013

Roller Skating Birthday Dreams

 I had a birthday!!  I'm at the point where I would like them to stop coming, but hey... what can ya do?  So I say celebrate like you would when you were in elementary school and go roller skating!! This ensures that even though the years keep on comin', your attitude (meaning mine) stays as immature as ever.

 The women of "Skate Club".  Moonlight Rollerway has the best carpet and best Sunday 25 and over, grown and sexy night.  It's all soul and R&B, and you can almost guarantee a group "Cupid Shuffle" at some point in the night.

Me, seen here showin' off some leg and my special vintage birthday dress that I got at Shareen Vintage.  it's a light lime green, with a slight iceskater-y vibe and I love it!  I felt like Tinkerbell at the ice capades.  Unfortunately due to too much birthday shenanigans, I fell asleep in my dress and when I woke up it had ripped.  Oh well, I have a good tailor and it was all in the name of one more year on earth! CHEERS!

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