Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Sweater, Big Hair, No Pants, No Problem!

 Oh Nancy Sinatra. Somewhere this morning as I was perusing the many social media sites, I think it was Instagram... but anyhow, my eyes managed to land on the above photo and it struck me.... maybe the "no pants, tall boots" look needs a comeback!!  I mean, I'm not the one to start it or anything, but maybe YOU??? It's newly spring, so a big cozy sweater is till appropriate and gives you the needed warmth since so much leg is exposed... but actually not really since it's paired with a tall boot.  Makes total sense!  It's the ultimate end of winter, spring transition look!!  What do I know, I am actually just spending my Monday afternoon appreciating this for what it is, a big sweater and no pants!
 Oh and big hair too.

 The look in action!

 Oh Yeah!! This video is chalk full of examples of why this look kills it.  Makes it seems like ya got legs for days.  I mean, this featured look makes sense since the boots are the main focus, but its genius!

 "Are ya ready boots.... START WALKIN'"

 60's femme fatale

My actual favorite Nancy Sinatra moment was when she teamed up with Lee Hazlewood. What a duo, and this song is up there on the list of KB's (that's me) fave songs of all time.  The video is pretty psychedelic too... but youtube would not let me embed it, so seek it out for yourself!

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