Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Sweet Life

 Oh Malik Sidibe.  Your photographs are endless inspiration.  HOW DID I NOT KNOW WHO YOU WERE UNTIL NOW?!!!!

 Malik took most of these photographs in the 60's and 70's in Mali during a time where youth culture had been freed up by Mali's new independence from France.  Before this time, young men and woman were not allowed to dance close to each other, and they wanted to DANCE... and these photos reflect youth exploring their new found freedom.

 Uhhh... this photo is gorgeous, and I want to live it.

amazing style

You can watch the documentary on Malik and his photographs HERE.

Spring inspiration for days!

I want to pair any of these prints and dresses with my leather motorcycle jacket, penny loafers (from below post) and DONE!  Spring wardrobe/uniform  ON LOCK!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Ode To My Penny Loafers

This post is a love letter, dedicated to my thrift store, Perry Topsider Penny Loafers.

First off, how cool and classic are they?!!  Geez... Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, iconic babes with effortless style.

 Young Debbie Reynolds, working the white socks, loafers and dark denim look.  My favorite combo, and official look of Spring

Found this clutch or large briefcase, or bag... whatever it is, I LOVE IT!  No idea who makes it, but with that penny? RIDICULOUS!!
 Bridget Barot in loafers, shorts and high socks. This is a hot preppy look... but then again, in my eyes, she can do no wrong.

 Cool, classic spring shoe trifecta! Ballet flats, saddle shoes, and the beloved Penny Loafer!!!

 Ugh... they are prefect for most activities.  But a spring bike ride?  The cutest!!!!

 Oh, just loungin' with my jeans rolled up... being adorable.

I mean... to me, the penny is a MUST

Folded white socks, and a floral dress or skirt.  GIVE ME A BREAK!

Here they are, my beauties.  They have been/will be my go to everyday shoe this spring and summer.

Oh, just having a jump.

All tangled up, and camera shy.  Having a no make-up Thursday.

Worn here with a leather skirt and Top Shop collared shirt.  To me, the penny is key... but I have to say it can attract a lot of attention.  Last time I had these on, I heard shrieking and squeals as I walked down the isle of an airplane.  I mean, they came from drunk people... but none the less, they were excited and impressed.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Mishmash, hodge podge, willy nilly photo selection day part 2!!! Here is another selection of random photos that just deserve to be showcased.  Above is a photo of the ever so beautiful and stylish Eva, showin' off her Sunday night Skate Club style and braid game.

Me, showin off my MOVES!  I've got my hand on the wall, but whatever... I'm dangerous!! I'm wearing a vintage Pucci-esque beaded top I got at Shareen.

Nandi, struttin' her polkadottie stuff around Los Feliz.  Bringing sass, flamin' red hair and lips to the East Hollywood masses!

Oh... it's me and my boo.  This was taken on NYE in Seattle.  Drunken sweetness.  Missin' him right about now.

The legendarily cool Nandi again.  This was when she was having a Twin Peaks, grunge moment.  Her hair looks like FIRE!!

Took the pilgrimage to Graceland in Memphis a few weeks ago.  Took a photo of this sweet portrait of the King's girls hanging in his dining room. Priscilla Presley, what a babe.

The side of Elvis' jet that he named Lisa Marie.  For some reason I was unaware of the significance of TCB.  TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS... The King's motto.  What a motto it is!!!  Thanks Elvis, gonna have to steal that.

Some amazing old art on the side of an abandon beauty salon across from the Stax museum in Memphis.  This museum is amazing a must go to, but make sure you don't blow it and go in 15 minutes to closing.

HEY! CHEERS... throwback to Valentines day.  Me and my sweetheart had a picnic on top of a mountain in the Angeles National Forest.  A Vday for the record books.