Monday, April 1, 2013


 Welcome to a hodge podge, willy nilly selection of photos that were just laying around screamin' for attention!  Up top we got (oh man I forget his name) but he was the guide on my BIRTHDAY SWAMP TOUR!  Went to NOLA for the big day and got to spend it on the bayou with this stylish chap and his tiny pet alligator! What a lucky girl.

 Me in the Cutlass Supreme.  No place I'd rather be.

 Short hair, don't care... flashback to last summer.  Shorter and lighter do, and frolicking amidst a cotton candy sunset.

 Hair do now, gettin' long ( not really, but for me).  This was taken yesterday.  Celebrated Easter in a luxurious bathtub and modeling the nipple eggs I decorated.  I reach new heights of maturity as the years go by.

 Duck in the pool. All day, everyday.

 Nandi.  Stylish friend. Looking great, even while hanging out on the banks of a concrete river.

 Then we have stylish friend #2.  It's Lani and she is too cool FOR YOU!  Urban Jersey mob wife, WHAT?!

 Oh yeah... just putting on display my unfinished artwork.  Kinda liking the mouthless creep factor though.  Little trade secret, her dress was painted with sparkly nail polish. It's gonna look better I promise!

The original.  What a looker.

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and so it goes.... said...

Such a great post! Love everything about it. Especially your bathtub shot! You are so cute!