Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Ode To My Penny Loafers

This post is a love letter, dedicated to my thrift store, Perry Topsider Penny Loafers.

First off, how cool and classic are they?!!  Geez... Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, iconic babes with effortless style.

 Young Debbie Reynolds, working the white socks, loafers and dark denim look.  My favorite combo, and official look of Spring

Found this clutch or large briefcase, or bag... whatever it is, I LOVE IT!  No idea who makes it, but with that penny? RIDICULOUS!!
 Bridget Barot in loafers, shorts and high socks. This is a hot preppy look... but then again, in my eyes, she can do no wrong.

 Cool, classic spring shoe trifecta! Ballet flats, saddle shoes, and the beloved Penny Loafer!!!

 Ugh... they are prefect for most activities.  But a spring bike ride?  The cutest!!!!

 Oh, just loungin' with my jeans rolled up... being adorable.

I mean... to me, the penny is a MUST

Folded white socks, and a floral dress or skirt.  GIVE ME A BREAK!

Here they are, my beauties.  They have been/will be my go to everyday shoe this spring and summer.

Oh, just having a jump.

All tangled up, and camera shy.  Having a no make-up Thursday.

Worn here with a leather skirt and Top Shop collared shirt.  To me, the penny is key... but I have to say it can attract a lot of attention.  Last time I had these on, I heard shrieking and squeals as I walked down the isle of an airplane.  I mean, they came from drunk people... but none the less, they were excited and impressed.



imfashionstoned said...

this is gorgeous! I need a pair!

Peet said...

That photo of you on the stairs... GORGEOUS. And I agree, Miss Bardot is hot and CAN'T do no wrong.:D

Estefanía Ainoza said...

So nice!!!! I love it!!!