Sunday, August 23, 2009

90's BABES

Babysitting animals again... this time it's cats. My favorite. Ima cat lady in the making.

Hangin' with cats and watching 120 Minutes really took me back in time. I went on a 90's High School trip down memory lane and this is where it took me...

Me and my old BFF Jessica back in '93. At this time I usually had a bob, wore dark lipstick and thrift store cardigans. I also drove a Dodge Omni with a whole mess of Beastie Boys stickers on the back.

Liz Phair before she started writing songs featured in CW dramas and Sandra Bullock romantic comedies. Super babe. In High School my friend Suzie's brother looked at me sitting in the back seat of his car through the rear view mirror and said I look looked like her. I WISH! Still, I was really pumped.

I took this photo of me off the computer screen. My friend Arlie saw it, and asked if it was Liz Phair. Once again, I was SUPER PUMPED. Here is a side by side. She so wins.

Harriet Wheeler from The Sundays. I loved them. So cute! She had the best 90's style in my eyes.

More Harriet.

Yes! Tanya Donelly era Breeders. Badass, definitely an inspiration. Their version of "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" is in my opinion, better than the original. Sorry.

I was once Morrissey for Halloween. The only reason anyone knew who I was, was beacause I had daffodils in my back pocket. No one wanted to talk to me all night, that'll teach me to dress up as anything other than a slutty-something. I made a pretty unattractive Morrissey.

There are so many things right with this video. Morrissey on an Indian Motorcycle, James Dean's grave. This song reminds me of getting ready for school.

So here is a
selection of jams that were all me in 11th grade.
Some of them really aren't cool,
but who really was cool in high school,
I was in love with this older skater boy who made me a sweet
Bad Religion / Dag Nasty mix tape... don't think he felt the same for me,
but I did let him pierce my belly button with a rusty safety pin.
God, I hope my mom never reads this blog. Also while I am
outing myself for liking uncool music,
My 16 year old self loooved Maynard James Keenan!
Glad I got that out.

Monday, August 17, 2009

"It Was California Dreamin' So We Started Screamin'..."

Went to see Ayana in a play. She played an Israeli soldier. Heavy stuff, although this is her backstage goofin' around with her prop.

This is me rummaging around in costumes, piecing together the perfect Silverlake look.

The boss.


My favorite.

Top down, chrome spinnin'

Lani, and the best t-shirt.

Squishy, and the 2nd best t-shirt.

Sunday in Highland Park.

Dirty boots.

When this video came out I assumed this is what life in Southern California was like. I finally got to live that.

"Sim Simma Who's Got The Keys To My Beema"

KRISTI ARNOLD WAS IN TOWN!!! Kristi is a badass artist and rules! I blew it and forgot to take pictures of her, but this is a fun one of Miss KK talking on the 80's carphone that is attached to my sweet ride.

Pete, ridin' dirty.

Tammy loaned me her convertible BMW while she was in Seattle. It's an 80's model so you feel really "Less Than Zero" This is me buying and selling stocks. This car also inspired a "White Snake" style photo shoot where I got on the hood and writhed around like Tawny Kitaen. I will not post those photos, for they are slightly embarrassing.

Got to dog sit my favorite lil' friend.

Also got to stay on the most olden time block in the city.

Angelino Heights.

Ayana's plant has some cool shades on.

Ain't she sweet. A little old lady walked by and gave me the double thumbs up for driving this beauty, it's going to be sad giving her back.

I was hired to be a fill in blog photographer for the Incase Blog. Incase was sponsoring the Swimming With Sharks event at the Standard Hotel on Saturday. So of course this means MORE BIKINI BUTT SHOTS FOR THE BUTT BLOG!

Thug ass Single Momz.

Ayana's Signature jump.

Art show.
Nickel Diner and Nandi! Burgers are the best reward.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"I Feel Like Steve McQueen, A Former Movie Star"

So my friend from the last post, the one who didn't want to be identified... well he was supposedly given Steve McQueen's ACTUAL sunglasses. A famous photographer (who I can't name because anonymous boy below loves to be shrouded in mystery) gave them to him as a birthday gift, and he is such a youngin' he didn't even know who Steve McQueen was. So these are them sittin' on my face, they fold up and everythang.

I tried to find a picture of him wearing the above shades, but instead came across some other pretty great photos.

My camera is still broke, got a temporary loaner. Magic photos coming soon.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My camera is broke and so is this blog

Kicked it with the above person who didn't want to be identified (Kevin). He thought I'd put this on Facebook... please. We went out to funkmosphere (Ha!) in Culver City. We went to do some research. We're looking to become early 90's R&B djs and he thought a dj there was going to deliver the jams. No dice, it was all funk.

Decided to get real funky beforehand and eat a pile of food.

I few post earlier I was looking to rectify my junk food habit. That has apparently gone out the window.

I also tripped and fell on a strawberry milkshake.

This is my bad, very bad I know, attempt at recreating the "Double Nickels On the Dime" album cover. So pathetic, I tried though. Up ahead you can see I'm getting on the 110 and you can see that its towards San Pedro. I was also going 55 but you can't see that, cause this photo is bad.

Drove out to Santa Monica to get my hair cut by my homie Don.

Hit up the beach after.

So sand must of gotten all up inside my camera cause now it refuses to work... even a little bit. It's toast and so is this blog till I find a benefactor or hold a carwash so I can buy THIS.

Covered With Hair... Shout out to Arlie and the song he made by that title.

My gold Casio. Beach Ballin'.

Made this Eskimo painting.

The new haircut.