Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"I Feel Like Steve McQueen, A Former Movie Star"

So my friend from the last post, the one who didn't want to be identified... well he was supposedly given Steve McQueen's ACTUAL sunglasses. A famous photographer (who I can't name because anonymous boy below loves to be shrouded in mystery) gave them to him as a birthday gift, and he is such a youngin' he didn't even know who Steve McQueen was. So these are them sittin' on my face, they fold up and everythang.

I tried to find a picture of him wearing the above shades, but instead came across some other pretty great photos.

My camera is still broke, got a temporary loaner. Magic photos coming soon.


sammy said...

this blog is lacking in kristi arnold content. did she not just see you? also, hold out for the M8 in the all-white limited edition, in my opinon...

Professor Von Slothheim said...

I KNOW!! You are so right! I was having so much fun with her when she was here, that I forgot to take pictures. I blew it! She has some though, I'll have her send them to me and then I'll splap 'em on this thing