Monday, August 17, 2009

"Sim Simma Who's Got The Keys To My Beema"

KRISTI ARNOLD WAS IN TOWN!!! Kristi is a badass artist and rules! I blew it and forgot to take pictures of her, but this is a fun one of Miss KK talking on the 80's carphone that is attached to my sweet ride.

Pete, ridin' dirty.

Tammy loaned me her convertible BMW while she was in Seattle. It's an 80's model so you feel really "Less Than Zero" This is me buying and selling stocks. This car also inspired a "White Snake" style photo shoot where I got on the hood and writhed around like Tawny Kitaen. I will not post those photos, for they are slightly embarrassing.

Got to dog sit my favorite lil' friend.

Also got to stay on the most olden time block in the city.

Angelino Heights.

Ayana's plant has some cool shades on.

Ain't she sweet. A little old lady walked by and gave me the double thumbs up for driving this beauty, it's going to be sad giving her back.

I was hired to be a fill in blog photographer for the Incase Blog. Incase was sponsoring the Swimming With Sharks event at the Standard Hotel on Saturday. So of course this means MORE BIKINI BUTT SHOTS FOR THE BUTT BLOG!

Thug ass Single Momz.

Ayana's Signature jump.

Art show.
Nickel Diner and Nandi! Burgers are the best reward.

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