Friday, August 7, 2009

My camera is broke and so is this blog

Kicked it with the above person who didn't want to be identified (Kevin). He thought I'd put this on Facebook... please. We went out to funkmosphere (Ha!) in Culver City. We went to do some research. We're looking to become early 90's R&B djs and he thought a dj there was going to deliver the jams. No dice, it was all funk.

Decided to get real funky beforehand and eat a pile of food.

I few post earlier I was looking to rectify my junk food habit. That has apparently gone out the window.

I also tripped and fell on a strawberry milkshake.

This is my bad, very bad I know, attempt at recreating the "Double Nickels On the Dime" album cover. So pathetic, I tried though. Up ahead you can see I'm getting on the 110 and you can see that its towards San Pedro. I was also going 55 but you can't see that, cause this photo is bad.

Drove out to Santa Monica to get my hair cut by my homie Don.

Hit up the beach after.

So sand must of gotten all up inside my camera cause now it refuses to work... even a little bit. It's toast and so is this blog till I find a benefactor or hold a carwash so I can buy THIS.

Covered With Hair... Shout out to Arlie and the song he made by that title.

My gold Casio. Beach Ballin'.

Made this Eskimo painting.

The new haircut.

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