Friday, July 30, 2010

Everyone Loves The Sunshine

Me starting my day with a coffee and a soon to arrive burger at The Standard Hotel. Arlie hired me to shoot photos for the Incase Blog. The goal was to capture summertime party people living it up and getting free Incase slider cases. Here are some blog out-takes. I'm also seen here texting on my extremely sexy 90's dad phone... I call it that because my dad had this phone... and even he has had the sense to upgraded by now.

Cute Susie.
Not even a messed up arm could keep this guy from party times!

Friends, yelling.

I think this is what people refer to as "real talk".

Kinda obsessed with this Xavier Roberts ass tat.

Fancy lady shoes/ bikini combo.

Raving's not dead.

Chest shot. So I'm going on a retaliation male strip club visit, and since Chippendale's is no longer in service, Eva and I are going to THE HOLLYWOOD MEN'S SHOW! Check it out! Choreographed dance routines and dumb fake names!!! All are welcome.

Standard, Standard lurkers.

Hardcore Dave's triumphant return.

Funtime horror show.

Lettin' it all hang out. Topless, smokin' and drinkin' some bubbly with your dude. Hollyhood dreams.

Shark week.
My favorite sight of the day.

Scratch that, this is my favorite sight of the day. Best party guy.

Even the chick with her boobies hanging out got upstaged by him.

I could have followed him around all day. This is his sexy calender shot.


Pretty Lani.

Party Lani.
Getting his flirt on.

Eva's pool party feets.

Pool party summer bod.

Party people, lookin' kinda bored.

Pool party essental: Fuzzy boots.

Hey, sex sells.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I had this poster when I was a kid. I wanted to be a basketball star... but when I played on the 7th grade b-ball team, the only point I made was for the other team. My mom also refused to buy me the new Jordan's and I had to wear lame-o Fila high-tops. My hoop dreams died after that.... UNTIL NOW!! My pal Eva and I are gonna make this the summer of HOOPS! I'm heading over to Big 5 tomorrow and gettin' a fresh B-ball. Next time you see me it's gonna be on the courts CHUMP!!!

This is my mid-july jam. It makes me feel good, and I wanna listen to it over and over again AND I DO!!! KABLAM-O!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aint Nobody Loves Me Better

Bought this "Jealousy Towel", it's named that cuz your jealous aren't you?

(*special note... my camera is toast. Took it to the beach to take some scenic beauty shots and sand got all up inside the lens and now its a bad scene. Got myself a loaner, so inspiringly janky photo taking may resume soon.)

My friend Eva and I had ourselves a "spiritual" day and headed on down to explore the "Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels" Catholic church in downtown LA.

JC's Feets.

Confessionals. I didn't grow up Catholic, but Eva went to Catholic school so she filled me in on all the procedures and lingo.

Mausoleum in the basement.

Who knew?

Walter Lantz! If you're not familiar with his work click HERE and HERE

Large fishy sea creature.

This was written in his mouth. Leviathan is one of my favorite words, and upon searchin' around the intenetz I discovered some wicked old religious artwork surrounding the idea of the Leviathan sea creature, and The Mouth of Hell / Hellmouth. HERE is an especially awesome painting.

The church actually has a pretty great gift shop.
I like how Saint Christopher's powers of protection have been updated to reflect the modern times. You'll now be safe riding a "crotch rocket" and ridin' on the AMTRAK! Almost immediately after purchase, this came in handy. Some lady attempted to ram her car into us, and St. Christopher stepped in and denied that bi@ch.
ps... my thumb nail looks good!

Fire by Taco Zone!

Lately I have been worshiping at the alter of Chaka Kahn. Enjoy!