Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aint Nobody Loves Me Better

Bought this "Jealousy Towel", it's named that cuz your jealous aren't you?

(*special note... my camera is toast. Took it to the beach to take some scenic beauty shots and sand got all up inside the lens and now its a bad scene. Got myself a loaner, so inspiringly janky photo taking may resume soon.)

My friend Eva and I had ourselves a "spiritual" day and headed on down to explore the "Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels" Catholic church in downtown LA.

JC's Feets.

Confessionals. I didn't grow up Catholic, but Eva went to Catholic school so she filled me in on all the procedures and lingo.

Mausoleum in the basement.

Who knew?

Walter Lantz! If you're not familiar with his work click HERE and HERE

Large fishy sea creature.

This was written in his mouth. Leviathan is one of my favorite words, and upon searchin' around the intenetz I discovered some wicked old religious artwork surrounding the idea of the Leviathan sea creature, and The Mouth of Hell / Hellmouth. HERE is an especially awesome painting.

The church actually has a pretty great gift shop.
I like how Saint Christopher's powers of protection have been updated to reflect the modern times. You'll now be safe riding a "crotch rocket" and ridin' on the AMTRAK! Almost immediately after purchase, this came in handy. Some lady attempted to ram her car into us, and St. Christopher stepped in and denied that bi@ch.
ps... my thumb nail looks good!

Fire by Taco Zone!

Lately I have been worshiping at the alter of Chaka Kahn. Enjoy!

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