Sunday, June 28, 2009

Palmdale adventure getaway

Day trip to Palmdale!!! Try not to be so jealous of my lifestyle! I'm being sarcastic. I guess Palmdale has some nice areas, but we didn't find them. I saw a billboard the other day that said "Daycation" I guess that's what we were on.

We were looking for adventure and some thrift store junk! It was hot as BallZZZ in the desert.

We met up with our road dogs Arlie and the lovely Tammy.

It was kinda weird, Nandi and I were wearing the same shoes....

and so were Arls and Tammy!

So the side of Palmdale we were on HAD NO RESTAURANTS!!! All we wanted was a simple Chili's or perhaps an Outback Steak House maybe... heck we'd even eat at Applebees!

Had to eat at Burger King. So nasty, yet kinda good. I got the grossest thing, a big fish sandwich and loved it.

Scene of the crime.

Scoped out the tapes at the thrift store.

Only good tape was P.M. Dawn. Used to love "Set Adrift Of Memory Bliss". Ended up passing on it though.

Also passed up the Amy Grant T-shirt. All you Christian music lovers, Palmdale Goodwill is where it's at.

This is what I ended up with. A 90's era floral dress, chucks and some beautiful suede 1940's heels.

Not pictured: A pair of little house on the prairie lace up boots and a Dr Quinn Medicine woman-esqu dress. MY SUMMER TIME LOOK!!!

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