Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is a love letter to my tape player.

I love tapes. I'm on my second ipod, and now I need a third because that ish is BROKE AGAIN!! My tape player is constant, I can rely on it to deliver the jams I must hear. You can pick them up hella cheap at thrift stores, garage sales and even Amoeba, YEEESS. So here is a photo collage of all the tapes that are currently in my car and on heavy rotation.

The Smiths are my #1 fave band of all time. Actually this tape might be busted... the drawback of having a mess of tapes in your car, is when you go to vacuum it out the vacuum likes to eat the tape's insides.

Favorite JJ album, probably the tape I listen to the most actually. Pleasure Principal is one of the best music videos ever with the best dance moves.

Oh wait, this is the tape that got eaten by the vacuum. CRAP gooooood tape.

One of the first concerts I've ever been too. Dope is such a good song "word is bond, bag it up and I'm gone"!!!!

I listened to this tape alot in Jr. High, "Grab it Like you want it" was one of my favorite songs... which is kinda weird since I was kinda a prude. But I'm kinda a fake prude.

Ohhh, I know all the words to this one.

This was an 11th grade staple.


The Back side of Kill Uncle.

Oh, look who got her first passport... ME!! Sorta embarrassing, I feel like a hillbilly who's never been no where, but it's true. Not anymore though, I'm outta here. Gotta bounce, next post is gonna be from Port Au Prince!!!!!!

Lame, this tape got melted by the sun.

Ah, this single is a particularly good one. My best friend Christy, that I've had since 7th grade, used to prank call boys and just play this song. Also a few months back I Karaoked this song before realizing it was out of my vocal range, so the Karaoke host person felt the need to join in the song with me. What is up with that anyway?

"I'm Shock G, the one who put the satin on your panties"

Been feelin' this single alot lately. When I was home in WA my bff Christy gave me this tape, this was a #1 Jr. High jam.

My friend Ayana.
Hey cool thing.

If you see me around beepin' in my car, know that this is what's blasting on the tape player.

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