Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Later Dayzzzzz

Later on Mt. Rainier.

Hello beautiful California coastline!

Hi wacky upholstery print on the back of the flyaway bus seat.

Ahhh, my manicure... in its last days.  Last death throws.

I was eyeballing this necklace while I was home.  It's my mom's, she let me have it.  She has the best jewelry.  I'm a lucky girl.  While I was home I was hunting around for some huge Indian Jewelry.  Thinking about taking a driving adventure trip to New Mexico to get all mystical and magical and get some of these...

Downtown.  Holler if you hear me.

Look who came to pick me up, Arlie with this stylish new look.

Dog Show.

My hair is long enough for a braid almost. Summertime look.

Sun!!  Good to be back.  I mean Washington is beautiful and all, but who can argue with this! 

Me trying to do my best California / swedish girl/ sun goddess impersonation.  Why did I ever deal with rain and gloom. This summer I'm going to the beach SO much, MARK MY WORDS!

Driving to Montrose, for dinner.... because we like it.

Arls looks like an angel.  Too bad it's only a photo cause he's not.

Boy do I love Montrose, anyone hear me on that one?  I think I want to move there.

Best chips around.

My last meal in the NW, clam chowder and Starbucks.
Next meal in L.A., gobs and gobs of mexican food.  It looks like and ocean of beans! perfect.

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