Friday, March 25, 2011

Majestic Beauty Is Mine!

 Nature has been my homeboy lately (Eva Posey totally coined that phrase) so I took a trip to the GRAND CANYON!

Stayed at the Bright Angel Lodge, mere steps away from the south rim (I'm too immature to not think of something inappropriate right now)
 Ohhhh, a rim lookout!

 Showcasing native decor.

 See how high up?

 This was next to that hand!  Remnants, artifacts and fossils from a time when water was that high up!! Mind warping!!

 Looks like I'm standing in front of a back drop, or green screen.  Nope, real beauty.

 almost falling off a cliff.

 Semi-truck mud flap pose.

 Oh just gazin' at a Wonder of the World.

 Canyon boots

 There was snow!


Stopped at this JAAAANNNNNNNKKKKKKY replica of Bedrock in Arizona, you know the Flintstones Bedrock?  This place was all kinds of broke-down!  I'll quote a very eloquent yelp reviewer by saying "It's the stuff of dreams and nightmares".

Rounded out the majestic beauty voyage with a stay in a suite at the Palms Place in Las Vegas.  Ate steak and drank $30 a class scotch.  I aight' braggin though.  Happy Valentines Day.

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