Monday, November 16, 2009

"Like Prada Blouse, Gucci Bra..."

Mia, the futuristic, robotic space dog.

Took her on a mega hike. It's November and its 77 degrees!! I was wearing shorts and was STILL hot!!! I'm sorry, I don't mean to brag. I know there are people out there wearing jackets. But, I'm not one of them and that makes me happy.

"Cali got gunplay, models on the runway"

Ohhh, but my mind and heart are always here. Peeking longingly through the fence, lookin' at the Griffith Park golf course. To all my golf dudes out there who are wanting to play, hit me up.

There I am, showing off that fact that I am indeed wearing shorts.

Mia and Nandi, nature friends.

Life in the southwest.

Infinity ledge.

Someone got her hands on some fancy designer shoes.

sneak preview. Gonna debut these futuristic, sexy space lady shoes this Saturday. Might have to hire a runway coach to teach me how to walk in them. Kinda feel like a horse that put on a pair of pumps and tried to walk on it's hind legs. If you happen to see me in the club, don't ask me to dance. Better yet do, since I am now perfecting my sitting-down dance moves and my leaning against the wall choreography.

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