Friday, November 13, 2009

Blowing It!

I was in Austin to work at the Fun Fun Fun Fest. I sat at a table and helped folks pick out free Incase iphone / pod cases. I ended up drinking beerz and forgetting to document my experiences. I got blasted and took a bunch of nonsense photos that were all a surprise the next day.


Arls and Seth from Le Savy Fav.

Here is another fascinating shot of Arl and the other guy from Le Savy Fav.

Ohhh, but this one is pretty. Even in my drunkest hour, I can still take a nice photo of Tammy.

Hey, beer... STOP LOOKING AT ME!

Oh, this is me chewing on my arm / sucking my own blood / not really sure.

The second day of the festival I was wickedly hung over and it was pouring down rain. It was so muddy and wet, I wasn't inspired to take photos. Notable bands that I neglected to photograph cuz I was dumping beer down my face: DANZIG, HEALTH (my fave), and other ones I can't remember.

The Whip In. Good Indian food.

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