Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Flyin' to Austin.

That's H-Town down there. Had a stop in Houston, forced to chill at the Bush (barf) Intercontinental airport. Wish I had a chance to leave and explore the home of some of my favorite and most beloved rappers. The birthland of chopped and screwed, Paul Wall, Bun B, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Pimp C (rip), DJ Screw (rip). I got special warm places in my heart for you Houston.

Texas sun.

We stayed in this tree house hippy hut. It was cute.

Supposedly flying fox bats live back here.

I got to sleep on the mosquito net enclosed kitchen/ patio. Came face to face with a couple of crawly creatures.

The adult room.

Arls, testing out one of my bed choices.

This is Jessica!!! Her and her husband now live in Austin. She was featured a few blog posts ago in the 90's tribute. In Jr High we lived down the street from each other. She looks real innocent now, but back then we were baaaaaaaaad. Ruthless T.P-ing, relentless sneaking out, prank calls, she broke my thumb! She also reminded me of the time we went to see Color Me Badd at the Puyallup fair. At the end of the concert the band's limo drove by us. We ran and stuck our hands in their car and one of the dudes kissed her hand and gave us their phone number and hotel information! Yuck... WE WERE IN JR HIGH!!!!!

Jess is now a wonderful mother. While hanging out with her in the Austin suburbs, I learned that having huge blow-up holiday decorations in your yard is all the rage.


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