Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's A Tween-age Love

Proof that I am slowly... no, actually rapidly back-sliding into my tweens. Started reading the twilight saga. The friend who loaned me the books, who shan't be named... no longer wants them at her house for fear she will be judged. She instructed me that when I am done with a book, I am to leave it in a public place, so as to pass on the gift of teenage monster romance.

Further poof... I baby sat this baby face and GOT PAID!

Echo Park
My friend Eva spotted these sugar bears in the LA Times and went on a quest to buy them at a lil' Tokyo bakery. I left mine in my car overnight and discovered this horrific scene. Decapitation.

Today was the launch party for the latest issue of Mammut Magazine. It was held at one of my favorite spots, the La Brea Tar Pits. The latest issue is dedicated to exploring Megafauna, or in other words LARGE MAMMALS, with a focus on the Pleistocene era. And who is synonymous with large mammals from the Pleistocene are? Sloth Bear is.

Roman and Matt, the editors / designers / masterminds-genius-brains.

I contributed a piece for the issue, and had a t-shirt making table.

Do you mind if I sloth you up? Do you mind if I sloth you down?

Ayana and Moritz made it out to support a sistah. She's showcasing my article and illustrations on what is what like for the Sloth Bears during the Gold Rush of 1849.

There was also animal mask making.

Happy friend.
Spent some quality time with my muse.

Felt it was necessary to offer up my "New Moon" copy and my Yak mask to the Ground Sloth statue to show my appreciation, and give thanks for all the creative inspiration I've received throughout the years. Also, if you are in the La Brea Tar Pits area and you're hurtin' for some sweet Edward Cullen vampire love, race on down and scoop that shit... before you have to rip it out of the hands of some tweeny-bopper. RUN!

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