Saturday, September 5, 2009

Photo Mash-up

Biker love.

Took this photo at an art exhibition's closing performance. People were dressed in solid colors and movin' around all fast. Looks swoooshy and trippy.

Crazy for cat paws! These are special, there are extra toes. Mitten feet! I just remembered they're called Hemingway Cats.

Have you ever been to Clifton's Cafeteria on Broadway? What a treasure! Animatronic woodland creatures, endless jello and pie, woodsy themed atmosphere... FUN!

After you eat your weird pie you can go hang out in a strange steeple.

This is my baby niece Ivy... who found herself getting the Sloth treatment.

Took myself on a hot date to the old LACMA and La Brea Tar Pits. Doing some research for a top secret art project.


A family in peril.

Oh snap. That's some trouble.

That sad little fake elephant baby's distress kinda breaks my heart.

That is an inappropriate pose!

Nice expression.

Wall of Dire Wolf skullzzzz.

I'm a big fan of sloth hands.

That sloth looks hella bummed to be in that situation.

Found myself in La Canada around the time the Angeles National Forest fire started. Heart crushing. I love that forest.

To quote the illustrious Arlie Carstens, living in L.A. has been like "living inside a flaming orange cotton ball". Yeah I guess, kinda.

Wow, I've rediscovered this jam and it's inspiring me in major ways. This song has been making me DAAAAAAAAAANNNCE!!! I'M EVEN DANCING RIGHT NOW!!!

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