Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Princess of the Pizza Parlor

Eva (my fellow PIZZA PARTY fan page co-admin) had a good ol' fashioned real life birthday pizza party at Casa Bianca in Eaglerock.

Picture perfect pizza pie.

Birthday girl with the birthday slice.

Katie likes pizza.

Brought along my bag o' googly eyes for the festivities. What a hit!

Impending doom.

How heartless of you Katie.


Jalapeno pizza man waves hello.

With his girlfriend.

Pizza sauce bloodbath.

Hey, your third eye looks a little googly.



Oh, hello.

Chernobyl nuclear disaster mutant cake slice.

Pizza enthusiasts.

1 comment:

The Owl & The Bat Down Under said...

Dang Crystal! I'm loving the googly eye photos. What a good idea. You're such a creative gal!