Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bad News Brooks

A present from LG.

Ahhh, a still from a classic movie. Bad News Bears... sometimes I feel like I am perpetually living inside this movie. Like a dirty, bratty little kid. Forever 14. Oh, also I would love to be on a low stress softball team for the summer, holler back if you know of one.

Furry rock eating yeti monster that now lives with MK and watches over his snooty cheese collection.

Furry snuggles-face who lives with Jessica and is crazy cute and exotic.

I love them kitty paws.

Eva got me this AMAZING t-shirt. Apparently Boy & Sherman are local celebrities and appear on many blogs... including this one.

Nandi done picked up and left me. Moved to Chicago and now I am all alone with out my weirdest and goofballiest friend. Nandi and I had a public access show, we danced in talent shows, and we made up 10 dumb songs every time we saw each other. Friends like that don't come along everyday.

Hi friend, sorry for not remembering taking this photo. One of those nights. Again.

A painting I'm working on, and my muse.

Bunny pile! You can take one of these home for a measly $15 and be assulted by overweliming cuteness on the regular. GO GET ONE!

LA springtime natural wonder.

African bird friend from the exotic bird store in Atwater Village. WHOA!

Kinda listening to this summer jam over and over again. Feel it.

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