Monday, April 12, 2010

It Was A Graveyard Smash

Art / dog show.

WARNING: The remainder of this post contains an overabundance of spooky monsters.

Found myself ghoulin' out at MONSTERPALOOZA at the Burbank Convention Center.

One of the monster celebs + monster groupies.

Bet this guy really knows how to smooch a gal.

You could take home this Lucifer mask for an appropriate price of $666

New boyfriend?

MK with his new friend.

Nice! Two boyfriends in one.

New boyfriend runner up.

Gotta say I've always identified with the swampy lagoon creature, but I would have to say that THIS is my favorite monster and my true doppelganger after a night of drinking.

Wolfman or mad dad?

Lookin' kinda long in the teefs.


Geeeez... simmer down lady.

The guy to the right totally jumped on my photo op train!

The most terrifying site of all: Ron Jeremy's Crocs!


Ahh, the blushing bride.

Monster museum. Full of pretty ladies.

"There is no Dana, only Zuul"

BLAM! It's Blackula!

And his name shall be ALUCARD.

I left with a special gift as well. A SPOOKY SONGS TAPE! Everyday shall now be Halloween in my car's tape player. Been thinking about having a summer time monster party. Who's with me?

This song is cool, and has some pretty sick monster visuals!

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The Owl & The Bat Down Under said...

okay. I'm going to comment on every post....but this monster one might be my favorite! Why didn't we go to this when I lived there!!