Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Picked up all my money off the floor and headed out to the desert.

Stopped at the Wheel Inn for a vanilla milkshake. This is the diner that Large Marge dropped Pee Wee off at.

"It was ten years ago... on a night just like tonight. Why... tonight's the anniversary. Worst accident I ever seen"


That monkey with the baseball hat is killin' it!! SO CUTE!

Make sure to tell em' Large Marge sent ya.

Ahh, relaxing beauty.

Boomers funplex! Tried to be a palm springs fancy lady and play a round of golf while I was there. Too bad "twilight hours" in Palm Springs means 2pm.

Desert Pizza Party.

Miike Snow.

"I've got style, miles and miles, so much style that it's wasted "

P A V E M E N T !!!

Oh Malkmus. So good. Been waiting for this Pavement reunion for a long time. Took me back to that special 90's place.

Shot some sweet video footage of "Grounded" one of my fave songs. The sound quality is slightly jankified, but you get the idea.

Preston, gettin' his Pizza Party on.

The mass exodus of the Coachella 2010 let-out. The universe was giving us a big high five cuz it didn't take 2 hours to leave the parking lot. We breezed on outta there. In fact this was the least soul crippling Coachella yet. Maybe it was just going one day, maybe it was the company. Nice times.

This song is ruling and will always be a
summertime staple. It makes me want to roll
around in the grass and drink a Rainier beer!!!

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