Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Buggin'


"Hey Nandi, go pose by that tooth holdin' a toothbrush"

Her signature pose.

Hi friend.

Ah man, this guy was FEELING the music. Feeling it so much so, his pants were on the ground most of the night.

Bustin' moves!!! Thursday nights at Temporary Spaces might be my favorite dance party in LA. They delivered some GOOD jams, and if you enjoy Hoochie Mama, by 2 Live Crew the same way I do... then you might lose your mind.

Yes Jessica, that is how I too feel about drum & bass music.

My plants in their new home, not doin' so hot.

PIZZA PARTY!! My good friend Eva and I are so intrigued, fascinated and overwhelmed with joy at the idea of pizza partying, that we created a special PIZZA PARTY fan page on Facebook. Click HERE to become a fan, and gain access to unlimited photos of pizza party revelry and bad photoshop.


Yes!! It's even more of a party when you have a friend to PIZZA PARTY with!

Oh no... I can feel my heart squishin' around and getting all melty. Montrose was having an adoption day on Honolulu Ave, and this pup really spoke to me. LOOK AT THOSE STUPID PAWS! He kept wanting to lick my finger, ah crap... I want to kiss him!


Quak-a-dooin' around at the Descanso Gardens. What a special way to spend a Holiday. Beautiful flowers, sunshine, DUCKS!

Thank you.

My faves...

My second faves.

Say hello to the springtime anthem.

Awww, this song sums up today. It's called Eden, it mentions flowers and even has Easter as a lyric. Yup. Also this album is wicked and I am heavily feeling the vibes right now.

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The Owl & The Bat Down Under said...

For my last meal..if I were in prison and about to die..would be to have a really nice slice of pizza and a glass of red wine. No joke. I love pizza.