Monday, March 1, 2010


Rain in L.A., total bummer...

but it produces some pretty wicked rainbows, so I aint mad.

You can't tell, but this neighborhood cat is kind of a grunger. Dirtiest kitty on Carroll Ave. But of course, he/she has the most love to give.

Good mornin' downtown L.A.

Hello lil' Angie D.

fooled around on Chatroulette. More like "Ultimate Wangroulette" due to the ever present possibility of witnessing male genitals . Wish it were more like THIS though. Angie and I met a very nice young man named Omario, that is him in the photo. College boy, making his momma proud.

Happy Valentines Day.

Got all dressed up to visit The Magic Castle for some Valentine's Day mystery.

KB, master of illusions.

There was no photography allowed, but like a true mystic and rebel I smuggled my camera and took sneaky shots. This is the room with Urma, the spirit who plays the piano. Urma takes requests, I wanted to hear "Ally Cat" and she delivered. Best rendition I ever heard. Also if you buy Urma a drink and sit it on her piano... it magically disappears. Spooooky.

Mr. M. Kelly

Semi-reluctant magician's assistant.

Magical ceramic rabbits.

The bathroom downstairs in the Inner Circle Lounge. Yeah, I slow danced.

Magic wall of hats + dummy.

What lurks in the magic phone booth.

Stinky, the bomb Pomeranian.

Meet Tiger. He's a designer tiger stripped chihuahua. He used to live with Phil Spector, so naturally he is a big weirdo.


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