Sunday, March 7, 2010

Maybe Because I'm Sappy, Maybe Because I'm Drunk...

Aaaaaand the Oscar for my favorite movie goes to... Up! Well not the entire movie, just the beginning. I don't think my guts will ever be the same. I cried so hard, but not on the outside. The theater was packed, and I didn't want to bawl at the volume I wanted to, so I held it in. Ouch, I can still feel the pain in my side and throat. I rarely get all smooshy at the movies, but this annihilated me... AND THERE WASN'T EVEN ANY WORDS!!!!

Oh, and BTW, I am FEELING this song. My mind's been kinda gloomy and I've been in need of an uplifting jam... THIS IS IT!

And this jam, because it's a CLASSIC and it's my blaaahhhhhrrrrgg and I DO WHAT I WANT!!!


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