Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holly-hood Rat

Sunset Strip.

With the ever so talented and beautiful Ayana Hampton, almost debuting at the Comedy Store.

Art show at Ghetto Gloss. All of these portraits were made from the subject's ACTUAL TRASH!!!

Morgan Fairchild. Foxy.

Oh... and it was St. Patrick's Day! There was a keg full of GREEN BEER! Dreamy.

Caged clown.

Eva and Edward gettin' into the holiday spirit.

Green beer gangsters.

Golden gal.

So if in fact the condom on the end of that pump, next to the Aqua Velva, indeed belonged to Rue McClanahan..... now that just conjures up an image that I'm not sure how I feel about.

Man, do I love the Go-Go's. Been thinkin' a lot about playing music with all women. If anyone knows of a female drummer who is fun and hilarious, who wants to goof off and eat pizza and make up dumb songs, contact me.

Downtown hat storefront window photo, courtesy of M.R. Kelly.

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