Thursday, December 10, 2009

Teeeell me , do ya wanna to get feeeeaaakky

Million dollar smile

This is what Thanksgiving looks like in L.A.

I was wiiiiiiiiiicked sick for thanksgiving. Managed to leave the house long enough to pork -out, but had to return to my sick bed and to the face of this fuzzy angel (below)

Portrait of a lady cat.

Oh snap, I went to Morocco! Just playin', at the Hotel Figueroa actually.

Hey there smarty pants with your smarty glasses and intelligent sweater.

My blogging has been extra snoozy lately. Been sick an uninspired. I predict that in 2010 my blogging will be on fire! I see loads of new experiences and new cats in my future. You just wait... I'M GOING TO BE FUN DAMMMN IT!!

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