Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009's Greatest Hits

Yo! Happy New year! So, this is how I'm starting out the new year, with a new hairdo. I cut it off. It's not really how I pictured it to be. The guy who cut it pretty much ignored my style request, shunned the pictures I brought in and went buck wild on the back of my head. It's a "funky mom" / Courtney cox 90's shaggy bob... which all adds up to my worst nightmare. I wrote a rap song making fun of "face framing layers, just like Rachel from Friends" hairdo having ladies... so maybe I had it coming.

I am going to use this blog entry as a way to barf-out all my angst and pissed-off-edness, and then regain somewhat of a grip on what is really important in life. Hey... I kinda think I look smart in the above photo (or maybe its just the glasses). BUT, I've been meaning to go back to school AND have babies, so perhaps my mom-do will usher that in a little quicker.

See that photo above? My hair has that vibe. Nice.

So the rest of this post is dedicated to 09' and my old hair... but actually it's just a montage of photos I had lurking around on my hardrive.

Ahhh, my hair. Lookin' all flowy.

Spent much time with my friend Ayana this year, being painfully pale.

Showing you all of $17. Good representation of the kind of money 09' rained on me.

Man, I thought those shorts were TIGHT! Not like "tight fitting", but tight like "cute". Wrong.

Spent many hours at the Standard Hotel shooting BUTT BLOG photos. That place is a hot bed for booty-pic gems. This is me sneakily taking a photos of some dude's sweet back tat.

NANDI! She has been apart of my life since 05'. She's moving to CHICAGO in two months!! Probably gonna lose my mind... but I'll just have to visit her, or follow her and move there too! Hey, I like pizza, the 87-89 Chicago Bulls, jackets... why not?

Hey forest. Hey good hair.

Worked on my cannonballs this year.

Had a cat on my butt.

These photos were taken no where near 2009, but boy do they warm my heart. I stole them from Mark Hershey's Flickr page, and they're of the time I visited with him in NYC. One of my favorite people.

And I know I talk a lot about cats, and have a parade of their photos on here. But, this one is my actual favorite. Groucho. He lives with Mark Hershey. You can't tell here, but he has the sweetest face. He also has kitty diabetes cuz he's mildly obese.

Laterz 2009. And later hair, see you again in a year an a half!

New year's resolution: To shut up about my hair.

Things to do more of in 2010:
Get my ass in school!


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