Friday, December 18, 2009

Dudes On Ice

A storm is a brewin'

Arls and I in his attic taking Echo Park beauty shots.

Oh, look at this... another photo of a cat. How surprising.

You probably thought these only existed in your dreams, but they're real! They live in Little Tokyo. Go get em'.

Went ice skating at Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles. It's fun, you can look at tall buildings and scoot around while listening to the occasional Christmas jam mixed with John Mayer and other adult contemporary favorites.

My ankles, lookin' like they're about to buckle.

Pete brought his own skates. NEEEEEEEEERRRRRDDDD. He's a really good skater though, he grew up playing hockey. He kinda reminded me of those weird dads who would go to the roller skating rink and show off, and skate backwards and ballroom dance with their wives. You know what I'm talking about? Pete can skate backwards really well.

Lookin' like a fly Tanya Harding.

Downtown Christmas holiday magic lights.

I left my camera in the living room of my friend's house and when I picked it up it has this photo on it. Mystery babe. Looks like someone caught a case of morning model face. Yowza.

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