Sunday, December 20, 2009

Morning Grunge

Soggy palm trees.

L.A. was having a Seattle moment. So Arls and I decided to immerse ourselves in the mood and listen to grunge all morning. He was lurking around Seattle during that time so he shared a lot of grunge gossip with me. Go listen to "Radio Grunge" on itunes radio, plays a totally legit grunge mix.

Lookin' like he's about to go work on the docks. Longshoreman chic.

The nice thing about living in L.A is that the rain actually stops the next day.

Arlie, a man who knows his way around words. He can string them together all beautifully. All I ever feel like writing is the word "Stuff" over and over again. If you ever feel like reading something totally worthwhile, check out his BLOG.

So good.

Maybe I'm feeling all smooshy cuz it's the holidays, but Arls THANK YOU FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP. You are like my brother and you make me laugh.

LEROY! You handsome bird you.

Leroy lives with Eva. One of her many boyfriends.

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