Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Chick Bad, My Chick Hood

Remember last post, where I said I've been really well behaved lately.... well that is old news!! KB went BONKERS. To celebrate the memorial day weekend, I decided to memorialize my party girl past. Ouch! That lifestyle hurts.

Arrived at the Cha Cha, Ayana lookin slamin'. No pictures of the inside of the bar, cuz I was too focused on my beer can. No pictures of the fried chicken sandwich I ate afterwards either.

Next morning, magic hangover killer brunch.

Wow, Ayana looking bright, cheery and positive about the morning.

Me, looking like the Sea Witch I always feel like in the morning.

Decided to keep that pain train rollin' and headed to the Standard Hotel for the first Swimming With Sharks party of the summer.

Tarrrrrrrrl. Hey buddy.

You all know what the start of summer means dontcha? That means Ima fire up the BUTT BLOG!

Summer Babe.

The pre-requisite drunk pool party people pile.

Lurk life.

The whole time I was there they played non-stop "Dad rock". Mike Brooks would have been LOVIN' IT. Thank god the days of coked-out, euro-rave jamz on the Hotel roof are over... well maybe not, but today at least, it was all Toto, Kenny Loggins, Hall & Oates, and Michael McDonald. YA MO BE THERE!!

A.J. , my steady dance partner.

Had to run off to work all looopy.

Cut through the Library building.

Tripped up the escalators, and felt like I had successfully broken my boring streak. Now I'm back to being a well behaved angel.

I love Hall & Oates, and I say this without one ounce of irony. I also love this song, and am amazed at how
crappy this video is. Kinda looks like they are sitting in a
public access studio, and in case you don't already know
creepy lipsyncing, WEIRD!

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