Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Doth Goeth There... Blah Blah Blah

Picked up some his and hers quiche slices.

Got a special pink cookie...

and headed off to the Renaissance "Pleasure Faire" in Irwendale.
Arlie told me it was called the "Pleasure Fair" because it was erotic. WRONG, family friendly... but you know there's some freaky stuff going on behind the scenes.

Got my drynk on.

Wench Babes.

Ye Olde hunky dude.

Wow, a few people tried to speak to me in a Ye Olde language of some sort. Elizabethan? Edwardian? Either way, it freaked me out.

Sexy Renaissance butt.

Olden timez rocking!

The Queen was there. I think She's waving at me.

Authentic Ren-ride

These geese, not really caring about the Renaissance.

Beast lady.. taking it all very seriously.

Success!!! Post Pleasure Faire high five.


The Owl & The Bat Down Under said...

I love the RenFest! I went to the one in Kansas and it's the best..people wait all year for the festival and take it very seriously. Did you eat a turkey leg?!

Professor Von Slothheim said...

YES! It was awesome!! EVERYONE was dressed up, I kinda felt like a downer for not. It was cool because they had a lot of games too, I threw a javelin, did some archery... BUT I DIDN'T EAT A TURKEY LEG! I ate before we went, I blew it!

ps. I loved your RenFaire photos!