Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Washing my car. This is only notable because I find it funny since washing it is like polishing a piece of poo. That's mean, but this is car reliable...not cute or sexy, but reliable.

I have many nicknames for this ride. Red Beard, Crunchy Red, Triselle, Trista.

Went to the Angeles Forest again. Can't stay out of that place.

Guess Ima nature freak.

Oh, just hanging out in the street, in a national forest.

This picture reminds of mystical hippies for some reason.

About 20 minutes into the Forest, near Mt. Waterman ski resort is this gem. A restaurant in the forest, that serves beer!

The finest.
Fried food, this blog has kinda made me realize that I eat crappy. I need to rectify that.

Fish and chips, might not have been the wisest choice.

This song was running through my head.

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