Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mt. Baldy Lodge Birthday Fun, Part 1

Hey! It was Arl's birthday. This is him eating some birthday lunch at Carousel in Glendale.

His girlfriend Tammy holding the birthday super lotto ticket.

Fun Glendale window display.

So Poshy.

So I guess Mashti Malone's in Glendale closed down so we had to settle for some Cold Stone. Peanut butter cup/ vanilla mash-up fantasy.

That's a grumpy back-seat passenger me on her way to the Angeles National Forest for Arlie's birthday sleepover in the woods!

THIS IS ONLY 49 MINUTES AWAY!!! When you're there it feels like you are on a legit vacation. Like you are in Montana or Switzerland or something.

The Lodge.

My bed.
Festive cabin decor.

It was fun to swim in a pool and look up and see nothing man made, just mountains and forest.

Drinks in the Mt. Baldy Lodge bar. Let's get a group of friends together and go here!

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