Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Frankie Chan.


The Standard Hotel.

That water was MILKY!!!!

Spotted this guy, knew I had to get my picture with him.

YES! *note the sunglasses hanging from his nipple ring...
and the sock garters WITH NO SOCKS! Wow!
There were a couple of Dave Navarro and Micky Rouke look-alikes.

Tramp stamp city. To see a celebration of pool party booties, check out The Butt Blog here.

Yay! leaving!
So many sweet tats in one day!

This is when it starts getting really good...

A HOUSE PARTY WITH ANIMALS. This is Brandy's cat. An extra special one too. I think if I had a better camera I would aspire to be a photographer for Cat Fancy magazine.

Hey sad eyes.

Hey crazy eyes.
So my camera died which means no photos of the neighbor's yard catching on fire or the second house party in the palisades with 2 pools and a big Tee Pee. This was a good 4th, when I woke up the next day I had all my belongings, and just a huge splinter in my thumb. No big whoop.

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