Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Totally Nude!

This is Nudes!  Aka Nudie, full name Totally Nude!  A while back when I was looking for an apartment, I went to see a place and took along my pal Eva.  I left without an apartment, but Eva left with that face up above!

California Cactus Center... I'M OBSESSED!

Looked out the window and saw this.  It's times like these when I really love California.

Nudes was feeling the same way.

Eva got her Posey back, and it's here to stay!!

There are a select few friend's who know what this sign means to me.  I'm in a constant state of Scandia.

My window sill.

My Kelley Cactus Center.

Eva's gala legs.

This guy again.

Kristi, you are an epic friend!  The art you make jumbles up my brains and love it!  So good to see you and hope to come visit you in Sydney so we can laugh some more. Miss you.

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