Friday, April 8, 2011


This year my birthday came at an inconvenient time.  I was hired to do a cool art related job and it was due, like the next day!  I couldn't do anything fun, I worked all day (except for a cheeseburger break).  But at night, I broke loose and got all kinds of loopy. I danced on stuff, I hugged a chalkboard*see above photo, I acted a fool, I ripped my dress playing ping pong... YAY ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL BIRTHDAY!!  
The other member of the "Dream Team", also my #1 wingman.

Katie, sexin' up the place.

My vintage birthday dress.  BAM


Nope... don't recall doing this.  One of my favorite things about nights like this, is the mystery photos on your camera.

I can tell already this year is going to be pretty special.

On an unrelated note, this video FREAKS ME OUT,  in a total fight or flight kind of way.  It also kinda reminds me of drunken high school trips to the laser light shows at the Seattle Science Center.  Ahhhhh-maaaazzzz-ing.

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