Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chi-town Boogie Part 2

MK and my coffee cups. Reflective of our personalities.

Nandi, in her Deeelux apartment in sky-yyy.

Wow, Chicago is probably the sportiest town out there. Even the Art Institute got hockey fever and put some oversized helmets on the massive lions out front. The Black Hawks ended up taking the cup, I can only imagine the beer guzzling and shirtless hootin' and hollerin' in the streets.

Millenium Park.
Cute lil' bird on top of the Bean.


Back-to-Back, my favorite pose.

Someone's sad her $5 umbrella broke.

SICK OUTSIDE ART! Chicago kills it when it comes to outdoor sculptures. This one blew my mind!

I think it's just about the wickedest thing I've ever seen, aside from THIS, done by the same artist.

Summertime in the city.

Ahhh, what a beautiful sight! One of the crown jewels of Chicago... sloppy, dumpy gobs of cheese in a bread bowl. Heaven.

One of my friendship requirements: Must want to smooch pizza on its greezy little pizza lips.

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