Saturday, August 7, 2010

"She Didn't Even Throw Back, She Just Fucking Waved"

Watched Mi Vida Loca last night for the first time.  Got inspired to post these pictures from 2005.  Nandi had a Chola themed birthday party.  That's me on the left, lookin' like a firme hina.  Elana is looking a little more authentic, cause she used to actually live this lifestyle. I, on the other hand, was a second rate suburban hoodrat who used to cruise 
the Puyallup mall in a borrowed Starters jacket.  

Nandi lookin' a little rockabilly, but it's your birthday ruca, I ain't mad. 

Mousie and Sad Girl.

This movie is all kinds of good, and shows Echo Park back in '93.  Skip to 0:49 for the best scene.  The director Allison Anders is making a sequel called "Smile Now, Cry Later".  Gonna get my black lip liner ready for that!!!

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MondayMorgue said...

I've got places to go ya know, people to see.
Just say hello to me now and again when you see me in the hood.