Sunday, January 3, 2010

Washington Christmastime Round-up

Baby Lolita sunglasses. So wrong.

Christmas morning bonkers times with my nieces.

Ah, angel face.

Santa sissy got her brother some fancy hard to find rum and a wicked Monster Mix CD.

Baby Ivy got a naked baby

Yep, the sky was grey. A LOT.

And rain. Of course.

But Tacoma, I love you.

My best friend's baby girl. Binky courtesy of Auntie Kelley.

Caged beast.

Me and the BFF Christy... I mean "K-Woww" and "Christ-Pump". It took us a minute to come up with those Jersey Shore equivalent names. Oh, and we are at the Puyallup Red Robin. Ate a bacon cheeseburger, because in 2010 I like pork on my beef.

Left the great white north, and headed back to the open arms of southern California's 70 degrees. You sure are pretty Washington, but depressing as F@#K!!

Peace-out and thank you. I had a lovely time.

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